Miami Endodontics-Root Canal Treatment

A toothache can be one of the most painful experiences that you ever have to experience. Even a small cavity left untreated will eventually extend to the nerve tissue within the tooth. An endodontic treatment involves the cleaning of the root canal system. Doing so will preserve your tooth and avoids extraction.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a treatment to save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp and nerves), cleaning and disinfecting, and filling and sealing. Common causes affecting the pulp are a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, repeated dental treatment to the tooth or trauma. The term “root canal” derives from cleaning of the canals inside the tooth’s root.

Post-Endodontic Treatment

After your root canal therapy, our office will need to restore your tooth. At this time an impression of your tooth will be taken to in order to produce a dental crown. The crown will help protect your tooth from fracture or from getting re-infected. Failure to adequately restore your tooth in a timely manner can greatly hinder the long term prognosis of your root canal. Our office will make all necessary arrangements to get your tooth back to optimal working condition and functionality.

Keeping You Relaxed

Unfortunately, root canal treatments have a bad reputation as something painful. In reality, the pain is usually due to the infection inside of the tooth. Having a root canal done is very similar to a longer filling procedure. During your procedure, our office will take all necessary measures to keep you calm and pain free.

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